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What is Gay Intellectualism?

August 28, 2010 , , ,

The query that is posited in the title is derived from a thought experiment I used to offer to people I met after realizing they possessed some cognitive ability or perhaps it might be better to say intellectual curiosity. In my early twenties I was trying to figure out if my thought process had some singularity to it or if it was simply spurious. So this is where I ask you does it make sense to delineate gay intellectualism from what is already understood from the epithet of being an intellectual? I believe most definitely that there is rhetorical heft in this assertion. In the nascent years of feminism, feminists felt that proclaiming a philosophy based purely on a woman’s perspective was not negligible as being a woman within a patriarchal society irrefutably militates ones perspective in life. I see this tenet as logically tenable and as being axiomatic for homosexuals as well. Being a gay man within the integument of heterosexual elitism informs on every aspect of my cogitations even if the inquiry itself has nothing to do with sexuality. To put it another way, If asked I would say that I am a gay intellectual not a intellectual who is gay. I hope you see the distinction involved in this assertion and also see that it is not an inchoate thought by any means. Either way this will be the position from which my assertions flow and you can be assured that they will always be presented to you with intellectual honesty with a touch of frisson with the hope of being stimulating and philosophically assuasive.

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