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Supernatural Incredulity

September 28, 2010 , , , , , ,

Today’s article is just an incidental observation I made while viewing the ridiculous film Devil yesterday. This will be a terse article I assure you, yet I feel it merits some consideration for the intellectual freigeist. If you noticed that this film was “presented” by M. Night Shyamalan, you like me probably had a dubious feeling from the start about the quality of this film. Nonetheless, I have always had an appreciation and love of horror films and try to see as many as I can in their theatrical runs. All of the TV trailers I saw for this movie did not give off any overt religious aroma so I thought I was going to see just another mediocre creature kills people kind of film. I did indeed see such a cinematic banality but was quite taken a back by the blatant monotheistic homily being paraded on the screen guised as entertainment.

I really should not even say that the intent was guised because it was quite obvious from the beginning that the story being offered up was from a decidedly christian or more specifically catholic perspective. And unlike the supernaturally religious horror films of the seventies (all of which are films considered cinematic classics, such as the Exorcist or the Omen) which had a ambiguous quality to their meaning, Devil is flagrantly waving its moral finger in the opprobrious manner that only the religious can and do employ. Normally this kind of thing would not even give me any bother but in consideration of the current social milieu in which we find ourselves in, where civilization itself is in a struggle with theocratic totalitarianism, we all must be aware and spot the signs of the inappropriate advent of religion within our secular society and culture when they occur. We must also be prepared to fight back with our criticism and enmity.

The other reason why I noticed this religious nonsense to begin with was in point of fact that within the six trailers that preceded this film, five were for other horror films which had a blatant religious or some other fatuous metaphysical plot. Since all of these movies will be out in the next month or two, it seems that we are in store for a glut of these religious morality plays clothed in horror film cliches. My intent in bringing this observation to the fore was not just to vent my cinematic umbrage, but also to remind my fellow freigeists to always be vigilant and never indolent towards the war we are currently engaged in (not just in the East but in the West as well). Remember, the monotheisms are not just dangerous because of their benighted negation of reason and inquiry in favor of faith, but also because all three are innately eschatological and ardently wish at all times not just for the destruction of our civilization but also of our world as well. The real veil of tears to be wiped away must be the existence and promulgation of these moribund Bronze age myths, and in this quest we must not fail.

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