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Congratulations to the Prop 19 Obviators

November 3, 2010 , , ,

The results are in from yesterday’s election and here in California a querulous proposition was abrogated. This was the controversial proposition nineteen which was defeated and I congratulate all those voters who made this tendentious defeat possible. For those of you who are unaware, if this proposition had passed, California would have become the first state in the republic to legalize the sale and use of marijuana. Now that it has been nullified, we can go back to enjoying the black market that this prohibition creates and all of the immiseration it causes. Let us gleefully watch as the rivers of sanguine carnage keep flowing so that we all can enjoy drowning in the bloody lacustrine that this temperance gives birth to. The people of Mexico thank you, as do I for continuing to let their blood be gratuitously spilled. Who says that the American voter is phlegmatic towards their civic duties? When it comes to passing legislation that elides the intents of our country’s founders, you can always count on the American Majority to be convivial and to do the right thing—as they have just demonstrated here in California.

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