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A Writer’s Path

February 21, 2012 , , , ,

As promised, I am here today to present my impressions and insights gained from my attendance of this year’s San Francisco Writer’s Conference. It was held at the sumptuous San Francisco landmark hotel, the Mark Hopkins this past weekend, and without any hyperbole I can safely say that it was well worth the pecuniary investment. I now possess both a firmer grasp of the current publishing and literary environs as well as an actual business model which will help put my writing career on a more exact trajectory towards success. So what was the big secret which was unveiled at this confluence of literati? It was in fact less of a revealed enigma and instead more like a confirmation of sorts.

I have always been keenly aware and have never held onto any illusions that I would be anything but a niche writer, and more likely still a marginal one at that. And the classes which were most helpful to me all revolved around aspects of self-publishing. It appears that within the modern publishing integuments that thanks to technology, the writer not only has more options for getting their work to readers but also publishing options now reside within their grasp which allow for greater retainment of copyright. With this achievement being attained, a writer stands a much better chance of actually getting paid more fairly for their work instead of most of their surplus value going to publishers, what a concept.

Now with these insights being culled and properly digested, I am proud to announce that before this year is up (the final draft of my manuscript still needing to be completed) that I will be publishing my first collection of essays as an E-book, and by publishing I indeed mean self-publishing. Thus begins a period of furious re-writes and edits and the building of a promotional platform, this blog being one of those pieces of meta-data. With the development of my audience, I will then proceed to publish a print-on-demand version as well. So it appears that there is no turning back now from the literary path, not that I would ever consider such a contingency. Once again I have nothing but eternal gratitude for my loyal readers (you know who you are) and their support. And for my current subscribers, I make the pledge now that you all will receive a free copy of the book. I will continue to publish a monthly article for this site, but if any future delinquency of this duty is noticed, please accept my apologies now for I am sure that such an encounter would allude to my working on the manuscript’s completion. Thank you for your continued interest and here’s hoping that you will soon confront me on C-span.

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