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A New Path

August 9, 2013 , ,

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Without becoming too lachrymal or effusive in apologetics, I entreat all my readers and subscribers to forgive the tardiness of any new essay appearing on this site. The main force behind this delinquent appearance of new ideas is entirely related to that classic problem of time and the ultimate lack of its convenient availability. Maintaining even the minimum of standards of output I set for myself regarding this site has finally become too much of a distraction; all the reading I involve myself with in order to be able to produce an interesting and intellectually stimulating essay once a month is more prodigious in its scope than one might assume. For whatever reason, over the past three months my noetic focus has found itself solely engaged with one writing project that I now feel must become my first published work and it will be achieved at the total expense of any new material manifesting on this site. Owing to the fact that I now sit upon about one hundred essays (half being more or less available on this site), I feel little worry in eventuating a published collection or two of these works. What I am currently working on now though, demands all of my focus as it is the largest in scope of anything I have thus far endeavored in my life, written or otherwise.

My long time readers will already be well aware of the fact that I have been studying and writing philosophy for some twenty years now. And being that I am quite proud and confident in the hard won autodidactic erudition I am presently in possession of, I feel it is at last time to produce a work to showcase this achievement. When revealing oneself as an autodidact, it is quite appropriate to assume that one has never matriculated to any university environment. For the most part this is true in my case, as I have only one year of university experience to speak of and therefore am not in possession of (willfully I might add) any type of degree, or financial debt for that matter. So the book I wish to be my first published work is a dissertation of sorts if not in actual fact.

And of course twenty years of intense study counts for some pedagogic achievement; I could have for example, easily garnered three PHds (an actual Doctor of Philosophy) by now. Yet for such an assertion to be able to gain tenability, some kind of written exegesis must be issued forth for academic scrutiny and criticism. It is for these reasons that I have come to realize a book regarding a man whose creative and sagacious output I have been involved with for the entirety of my intellectual life seemed the obvious choice for such an academic effort; this man being Herr Nietzsche.

It has taken some time and much hard work to develop, but I finally feel that I am now endowed with enough testicular fortitude to be able to confidently walk into the thicket and mire of academic Nietzschean criticism and proffer forth my own work: the number of books in this arena being capable of filling the shelves of a Borgesian library, and if you will allow for the mixing of metaphors, attempting to read them all a Sisyphean impossibility. In some ways I feel the reason for the sudden impetus to write a book on Nietzsche has evolved from my recent third re-reading of his entire corpus (thanks must be given here to Stanford University Press for the ease of this endeavor, and of course the essential and imperishable translations of Kaufmann and Hollingdale!) along with comparing and contrasting the notes of my fifteen and thirty five year old self; this kind of exercise being of intrinsic value all on its own, as the man examines the thoughts of the boy he once was and comes to a new existential understanding of himself. This species of thinking is intensely invaluable to my objective, particularly in re-analyzing and digesting the core of Nietzsche scholarship, which has taught me so much beyond pure philosophical insight: the classic treatises of Kaufmann, Hollingdale, Danto, Jaspers, Schacht, and Nehamas (and of course to some degree the work of Foucault and Heidegger, though definitely not the thoughts of the superfluous and equally laughable Derrida).

Without these men (and of course the valuable psychological insight offered up by Frau Lou), I would feel woefully inadequate as an anglophone to attempt this task; my German being sehr schlecht, making it nearly impossible to read Herr Nietzsche in his own hand. I am still working out the form of this book, but as I continue my reading I feel in some ways that it will revolve around the perennial question at the center of all Nietzsche scholarship and criticism: Is Nietzsche more of a writer or philosopher or some kind of amalgam of both vocations? And perhaps an even more controversial notion: in point of fact all of Nietzsche’s greatest intellectual achievements solely prove him to be as he often touted himself, the first Psychologist of the modern era!

I hope that I have now clearly expressed the reasons why I will not be adding anything new to this site for some time. I will of course though publish updates concerning my Nietzsche project along with continuing to make revisions and improvements on the essays thus far published on this site. I wish to again thank the readers who have followed me this far, with special thanks given to the small number of individual subscribers. Forty people who have proved to me that even within the morass of cultural mediocrity we daily find ourselves slogging through, there exists an audience (no matter how exiguous) who craves intellectually difficult and stimulating writing. For such a pessimistic and cynical man as myself, this proof of an audience for a recondite writer is a source of optimism I can truly grab a hold of while traversing the daily challenge of existence. Thanks again for your interest.

Sincerely yours,
The Heterodox
(aka Kris Eye)

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