The Heterodox

The Heterodox


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Pro-Choice = Pro-Woman

August 22, 2015

The Heterodox

I am not quite sure why I felt that I should write another feminist polemic after having just published an inquiry into the philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir. Perhaps it was just that, a random event of having been steeped in feminist writing for the past couple of weeks. Whatever the actual impetus was, today’s topic definitely felt long over due for this intentionally dialectical blog. And it is not just about voicing my own particular views on abortion but is instead another foray into ethical philosophy, a dialectical arena I have often found myself engaged in while posting essays on this site. I intend to sidestep some of the typical (therefore banal) tendentious points which are often espoused in our culture’s political debates which concern this topic. So the initial step in achieving this goal has to be to make sure that I am perfectly clear as to what…

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