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Publishing Update!

November 17, 2016

20161117_120438It has finally occurred! I am now in possession of a completed manuscript of essays, professionally edited, and ready for the next inevitable step–for the manuscript to become a book and for me to become a (self) published writer! This as been something my regular readers know has been brewing for a very long time. And in consideration of my never ending Nietzsche monograph project (there is still so much reading to do!), it became quite redolent that I had to publish something, anything to help foster my name into the mediasphere. So here it is!

Literature versus Philosophy, with the exception of the introductory essay, contains twelve essays originally found on this site, but in radically improved form and content. All the essays range from 1500 to 5000 words making it a still fairly slim 35,000 words in length. I do not expect the published form to exceed 200 pages.

Now, what is this blog post for, excepting the ostensible announcment of impending publication? It is to stiplate what to expect from me over the next few months and to discuss the future of this site (or ones like it).

The very next announcement on this site will tell you the exact date you can purchase this book on Amazon and all other sites for the purchase of E-books. After this, there will be posts directing you to my new media platforms (Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter feeds, et al). And lastly, the date that this site will cease to exist and the name and address of my new site!

Of course I must continue to praise and give thanks to my subscribers and regular readers! With out you people and your continued support, a large portion of my will to exist would have surely evaporated. Thanks again, and get ready for my publishing arrival (and future appearances on Cspan!!! How long I have waited and yearned to be interveiwed by Brian Lamb!!!)

–K Irish

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