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Welcome to the HETERODOX. This blog is designed to introduce my writing to the public but it is also intended to provide a space for free thinking and inquiry. In this way, this site diverges from most of the blogosphere in that it does not indulge in mere self-approbation or pseudo journalism. Perusing the archives should make it rather salient the extent of topicality available here as I intend to always provide intriguing and or dialectical topics of interest. You will also be able to find examples of more general philosophic insight along with various forms of cultural, literary, and artistic criticism. I truly hope that you find some interest in my writing and its ensuing expatiation. If I dare to be ever more ambitious, then maybe I can even get you to think about something in a new way.

I am always open to reading and responding to your comments; so please, if you like what you read, spread the word amongst your intellectually inquisitive friends. Keep an eye out for my first book of essays, whose manuscript is being constantly revised thanks to the popularity of some of the essays found here. I will keep publishing updates posted as they occur as I continually work for that glorious day when I am at last paid to write id est being paid to do something I am going to do anyway. Unfortunately, due to my other work commitments I am now only able to contribute one essay a month at most to this site along with constantly updating and editing the essays so far published (use those RSS feeds). I may be able to once and a while post more than one, but with my job along with working on my Nietzsche manuscript and essay re-edits (and of course reading), I doubt that this will be a common occurrence.

-Thank You For Your Interest, and Please hire me to write something for you!!!


The Heterodox paying tribute to Marx in London.

The Heterodox paying tribute to Marx in London.

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Absolutely nice blog!
I enjoy your writing and I hope you get published soon.


January 25, 2011

I enjoy your well-wrought sentences and I recognize good writing when I see it. Your sentences are well constructed and I glean from that, that you are serious about getting it right. I think that is important – getting it right. Words are the building-blocks of sentences. Sentences cement the foundation of ideas into paragraphs, stories, novels, etc. Anyone can write, but it takes a thing not tangible to write well.

Joseph Gilmore

August 26, 2012