The Heterodox

The Heterodox


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My Philosophy

This page is here to explain my philosophic system and observations for the benefit of the intellectually inquisitive. I have italicized the word system as I agree with both Nietzsche and Kierkegaard (and many others for that matter) that trying to create a philosophic system will only eventuate into self contradiction or tautology while going against organic thought and destroying any attempt at sophistic insight. Systematic philosophy has classically been and continues to be the annoying proclivity of Academia. The inherent and necessary test of worth of any philosophy is based on its utility in everyday life, so in this manner I have tried to develop over the past twenty years what Jaspers called a philosophic attitude. Under the eye of this attempted exordium, I fully concede that my philosophy does at least contain a distinct form as all of my assertions fall into three distinct philosophic moieties in which I feel science will never be able to inform on or more importantly facilitate in everyday life. They are the following:

1) the existential
2) the ethical
3) the aesthetic

All subsequent philosophic postings will fall into one of these categories. I hope all will find some value in the ensuing allocutions, as I am an autodidactic philosopher who has been studying philosophy and conducting investigations outside of academia. This means that you can always be assured that my thoughts and techniques are my own. And for those of you who feel that you too possess the philosopher’s gene, always keep in mind Bertrand Russell’s astute dictum that reading philosophy does not make you a philosopher, automatically or axiomatically. The antecedent for the philosopher is a quality innate to their being and is not pedagogic; Being a philosopher is something that has to be demonstrated and not merely asserted. Coincidentally, I have also found that this maxim is applicable to artists as well, and in consideration of the dearth of talent in today’s art world, maybe even more so.

You don’t explain philosophers, but “They” explain you.

—Roland Barthes

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